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‘Dangers lurking in your toxic takeaway: Hundreds of thousands left with norovirus from restaurant and takeaway meals as food poisoning cases hit 2.4 million a year‘. MailOnline 24.02.20

‘Pizzas and ready meals set to shrink in Government war on obesity’. The Telegraph 18.08.17

One in seven takeways fail hygeine tests. The Guardian 24.09.16

‘Take control: cook it.’ WotEat 24.09.16

WELCOME to the free-to-use website offering suggestions and instructions to keep your cooking interesting, healthy and successful.

All dishes featured on the current site are designed for same-day, buy-prepare-cook-eat practicality.

WotEat Gourmet and specialist diet options will be available soon.


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Be they part of a national chain or independent traders, every WotEat SHOP and WotEat STORE is committed to providing at least 80% of the very best ingredients needed for our recipes.  All WotEat shops are monitored by us regularly.

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