Sweet Lime Mangoes

Sweet Lime Mangoes

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To serve – 4

Preparation and cooking time – 15 minutes

A real taste of summer with these lovely tropical fruits.

Nutritional count per serving:
1.7g fat of which saturates 0.7g; 798kj/191 kcal; 35.8g carbohydrate; 4.1g protein; 4.1g fibre.


4 small mangoes 1 tbsp finely grated lime rind 1 tbsp lime juice 1 tbsp light brown sugar 14 0z yoghurt


  1. Cut cheeks from mangoes; score each in a shallow criss-cross pattern.
  2. Combine rind and juice, drizzle over each mango cheek. Sprinkle with sugar.
  3. Cook mangoes, cut side down, in a heated large frying pan (or on a grill plate or barbecue) until browned lightly.
  4. Serve mango with the yoghurt

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